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Purrfect Ways To Pamper Your Cat
May 12, 2022
Kitties may be small, but they definitely have a way of wrapping us around their paws. Fluffy’s adorable antics and lovable purrs can quickly melt our hearts. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t take much to get that little motor going! A local Saginaw, MI veterinarian offers some advice on pampering Fluffy below.

Window Seats

Fluffy may look adorable rolling around in the driveway, chasing butterflies, or refusing to come when called, but she really should stay inside, where she’s safe from traffic, weather, predators, and other hazards. However, your pint-sized panther will enjoy having a comfy spot where she can sunbathe, spy on birds and squirrels, and daydream about hunting.


There are now all sorts of catnip products for our feline friends. You can even get Fluffy catnip bubbles! Of course, kitties still love classic options, such as catnip mice, too. It’s worth pointing out that not all cats are sensitive to catnip. (Tip: If your furball is unimpressed by catnip, try getting her honeysuckle cat toys.)


Cat toys have gone far beyond the classic catnip mouse. There are some really cute options, such as remote-controlled mice and automated laser pointers. Offer Fluffy plenty of playthings to bat under the sofa.


Fluffy’s box obsession is one of her cuter quirks. Offer your feline pal an empty box now and then!


While Fluffy may enjoy batting crinkle toys around, playtime is much more entertaining for her if her prey is unpredictable. Playing with your furry pal will benefit her both mentally and physically. Get into the habit of grabbing a laser pointer or wand toy as you’re watching TV. This will definitely score you some purrs!


Did you know that many of our feline overlords prefer to drink running water? Consider getting Fluffy a kitty fountain!

Dental Care

We know, trying to brush a cat’s teeth sounds like a good way to end up in the ER. However, it may be easier to get Fluffy on board than you think. Ask your vet for tips on caring for those little choppers!


Kitties may act aloof, but they are actually very emotional. Fluffy needs to feel loved to thrive! Pay attention to your furry friend! Talk to her and offer her cuddles and lap space. As your Saginaw, MI animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch care. Contact us anytime!  

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