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Possibly The Best Holiday Ever: Cuddly Kitten Day
March 15, 2024

March 23 is Cuddly Kitten Day! If you adore cats as much as we do, the mere prospect of snuggling kittens is likely to make you happy. This article has a neighborhood veterinarian discussing loving little Fluffy.

Is Cuddling Kittens Good For Us?

Absolutely! Spending time with pets benefits our emotional and mental wellness. Animals of all kinds have a way of bringing us back to the present. Fluffy isn’t concerned about money or office drama; she simply wants to be with you. 

As many of you are no doubt aware, snuggling with a feline can be really calming. In fact, cats are now ‘working’ in therapy. Many felines seem to know instinctively when someone needs a cuddle. That is one of the many things to love about our furry pals. 

There are also physical advantages. Our felines purr at certain frequencies, often between 25 and 150 Hertz. Surprisingly, these vibrations have been found to have therapeutic properties. They are also employed in numerous physical treatment sessions.

How Can I Make My Kitten Super Cuddly?

This ultimately boils down to establishing trust. It is essential to teach your furry friend that she is always safe with you and that you will never harm her. 

Start with great TLC. Offering nutritious food, a clean litterbox, kitty toys, playing, and possibly some cat furniture will all help your furball thrive. Even just paying attention to Fluffy will help a lot. The more you interact with your kitty, the more interactive she’ll become.

You never want to force attention on a kitten. Even if little Fluffy is adorable—as many kittens are—it’s crucial to remember that cats are very easily frightened.

Socialization is important here. You want your pet to become accustomed to and comfortable being carried and handled. Pick her up, pet her, talk to her, and give her toys and snacks. Many cats also enjoy sleeping on their humans. Allowing your baby furball to rest on your lap or in your arms can also help get that motor going.

Are All Kittens Cuddly?

Not necessarily. While many kittens really crave the attention and connection, some cats are just more aloof than others. We’ve also got several very ‘spicy’ kittens.

Your pet’s purrsonality is also a factor. A cat that was born feral or as a stray may require additional time to adjust. Kittens raised underfoot are frequently more friendly and trusting than rescues. That being said, rescue kittens are still lovable. Many are hesitant at first, but once they understand humans are safe, they transform into little purring cuddle bugs.

Why Is My Kitten Biting And Scratching Me?

Usually, little Fluffy is merely following her natural instincts and learning how to effectively use her claws and teeth. Remember that our feline friends are predators in the wild, and they rely on those abilities to survive. Cats are usually not hesitant about trying to exercise their hunting skills on their humans.

This is quite cute, but it’s also horrible manners. Indeed, it has the potential to lead to some quite harmful actions in the future. Those little claws and teeth are really sharp!

How Can I Get My Kitten to Stop Attacking Me?

If your little friend bites or scratches you, address the issue immediately. Don’t ignore it—it will make teaching your pet manners tougher. You need to teach your rambunctious kitten to redirect her lioning tendencies to something appropriate, such as a catnip toy.

Give your kitten a verbal scolding as soon as she bites or scratches you. It makes no difference what you say: you can tell her ‘No,’ ‘Put your claws away,’ ‘Be kind,’ or ‘Don’t bite.’ The important thing is to consistently employ the same words or phrases. Also, don’t yell at little Fluffy; it can scare her. A disapproving tone of voice is a better bet.

Next, move away and ignore your tiny friend. Cats despise it when their people ignore them! That should get the point across. If not, blow in your pet’s face or spray her with water. Clapping your hands might also work. These things will irritate your feline companion without hurting her. Those methods work very well for correcting negative conduct. They are unquestionably more effective than punishing or frightening your pet, which may simply shock her and make her suspicious of you.

Why Is It So Important To Socialize Kittens?

Little Fluffy’s adult personality will be heavily influenced by her socialization. You want your cat to be nice and affectionate, of course. It’s critical to expose her to a variety of individuals and situations. If not, she might develop into a cautious or even hostile adult. 

You can have your friends and family members come over to pet and play with your tiny companion. (It probably won’t be difficult to persuade them). Talking to your pet and handling her softly and frequently will also be beneficial.

When Should I Cuddle My Kitten?

There’s never a bad time to cuddle a kitten! As long as you have the time, then by all means, indulge those adorable requests for attention.

Should I Let My Kitten Sleep In My Bed? 

Kittens love snuggling up with their owners at night. In fact, Fluffy will adapt her hectic napping schedule to accommodate yours. For example, if you work nights, she may still sleep by you in bed. This is excellent for bonding. 

Of course, letting your kitty sleep with you may not be the best thing for sleep. While having a purring cat curled up to you is incredibly relaxing, having a kitten biting at your fingers or pawing at you in the middle of the night … isn’t.

Is It Normal For Kittens To Be Super Cuddly?

It is definitely pretty common! Baby cats are very small and vulnerable. All babies, human and animal, want to feel comfortable, loved, and safe. Cats frequently see their owners as second parents. However, that connection needs to be fostered. Taking some time to snuggle with your kitten can make her feel safe and loved. She will, of course, show her appreciation by snuggling with you, stalking you, and occasionally attacking you. (That’s just purr for the course with cats.) 

At What Point Do Kittens Get Less Cuddly?

A lot of cats remain cuddly throughout their lives! Fluffy may never outgrow her fondness for cuddling. That being said, she might grow a little more rowdy throughout her tween and adolescent era, which lasts around from age six to 18 months. At this point, your furry friend will start to act much like a human teenager: she may want to push your boundaries and may be eager to demonstrate her independence. However, this doesn’t mean that your companion won’t enjoy snuggling. 

What Not to Do When Cuddling My Kitten?

As previously stated, the most important thing is not to focus too much attention on a cat. If Fluffy wants to go down, let her. You should also utilize suitable techniques for picking up and holding her. When you’re ready to let go, gently place your pet down.

Do you have any questions about your kitten’s health or care? As your local animal clinic, we are here to assist!

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Possibly The Best Holiday Ever: Cuddly Kitten Day

March 23 is Cuddly Kitten Day! If you adore cats as much as we do,
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