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Rest assured your furry friend will receive exceptional care while enjoying a fear free approach.

All the services you need, in Saginaw, MI

Your pet is more than just an animal. He or she is a special member of the family. As such, you would do anything to ensure as many happy, healthy years of companionship as possible. The team at Veterinary Health Center would be honored to partner with you in achieving this important goal. To that end, we’ve developed a service offering that includes just about everything your pet could need over the years. From the first checkup through the golden years, we’ve got you covered.

The most important service we provide is wellness care. That’s because we truly believe that prevention is the best medicine. When we are proactive about keeping your pet healthy, we can add years to his or her life. Of course, we also know that even with preventative care, illnesses and injuries can still sometimes occur. In those instances, you can count on the team and services at Veterinary Health Center – from advanced diagnostics to laser therapy to surgical care and more.

To see a full list of the comprehensive services available to our patients, please see below or get in touch today. We’d love to play a role in helping your loved one live a truly amazing life!