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Fun Activities To Celebrate National Pet Day
April 1, 2024

National Pet Day is April 11th! While most of the pet holidays that we observe are dedicated to particular breeds or causes, this one is actually universal: the point is just to honor our animal companions and all the love and happiness they bring into our lives. A Saginaw, MI vet recommends some ‘pawesome’ ways to commemorate this big occasion in this article.

Take Fido For A Walk

This one is usually for dogs, but if your kitty likes to walk on a leash, you can pamper her, too!

Take your pooch somewhere new! Many of our canine companions enjoy exploring new places. Fido’s beautiful nose can pick up a surprising amount of information from smelling things. Going somewhere new can provide enrichment and mental stimulation, both of which are beneficial to your pup’s health and well-being. Exercise is also good for him, as is spending quality time with you.

Consider using an app to scout out a new location. BringFido is a good one, but there are plenty of others.

Give Your Pet New Digs

You can always find ways to make your pet’s environment more interesting and pleasant, regardless of the size of your home. This does not have to involve major renovations; simply taking tiny actions can make a big difference.

If you have a kitty, why not build a catio for her? Just set some pet-safe plants and a cat tower on a closed-in porch or patio, spare bedroom, or even a sunny nook. Placing a bird feeder where your feline friend is able to see it will get you some additional purrs. Your furry buddy will spend hours relaxing in the sun, spying on local wildlife, and fantasizing about being a hunter.

If you have a yard for Fido to chase squirrels about in, give it a pupgrade. A doghouse is an excellent choice. Our canine companions should always live indoors with the rest of the family, but they enjoy and value having their own private ‘digs’.

Another idea is to give your pooch a sandbox. This is an excellent choice for dogs that enjoy digging, such as terriers. If your canine companion enjoys swimming, he may benefit from a kiddie pool or a pet fountain.

Have A Pet Photo Session

We never tire of seeing pictures of our cute patients. Taking beautiful photos is now easier than ever. The ordinary smartphone camera can capture stunning images!

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Choose a background that allows your pet’s fur to stand out. Contrast is crucial for capturing good pictures. (Of course, you can take the opposite approach and purposefully choose a camouflage photo. Black cats are purrfect for this. We adore seeing void kitty photographs!
  • Download a pet camera app. These frequently have characteristics that attract pets’ attention, such as squeakers that make funny noises, prompting pets to look at the camera.
  • Check at your phone’s settings. If you want to get an action shot of Fido chasing a stick, you’ll need a rapid shutter speed. (YouTube is a goldmine for this kind of knowledge.) 
  • Plan your shot for dark or sunrise, when the light is ideal.

Take Time To Play With Your Pet

Did you know that playing can be extremely beneficial to your pet’s mental and physical health? Taking a few minutes each day to hold a laser pointer for Fluffy or a wand toy for Fido can be great for them. This will not only keep your child entertained, but will also help them stay in shape. It will probably put a smile on your face as well! 

Spend Quality Time With Your Pet

At the end of the day, pets just want to spend time with their favorite humans. That would be you. Spend some extra quality time with your furry friend. Purrs and tail wags are two of life’s most treasured gifts.

Give Your Pet A Treat!

This one is probably the most obvious option. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a special treat with your furry companion. Store-bought treats are just fine, but if you like to cook, you can also create your own!

For Fido, you can make these simple treats. Combine some ripe bananas with peanut butter. Check the peanut butter label first to make certain that it does not include xylitol (birch sugar), which is dangerous to dogs. Combine in a blender, then divide into small portions. You can do this with a bone mold. If you want to go all out, purchase a dog treat maker.  This is similar to a panini press or waffle maker, but the shape looks more like a small bone.

As for our feline pals, you can try offering some of these Tuna Yums. Combine a can of tuna or chicken with plain Greek nonfat yogurt and a small amount of parsley. Divide into tiny portions and bake at 375 degrees until the desired consistency is achieved. (Tip: a bottle cap works great for measuring them out.)

These are just a few ideas. You may also attempt something new. Just stick with safe ingredients. Shredded, canned, cooked, or minced meat, fish, or chicken; egg; fat-free yogurt; and sodium broth are all acceptable possibilities. You can also add safe vegetables such as spinach or peas. 

Avoid giving your pet grapes, currants, or raisins; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; avocado; nuts; mushrooms; meat on the bone; garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; or anything containing xylitol. Ask your veterinarian for further information.

Create Something New For Your Pet

This is a great option for anyone who enjoys creating, has children, or both. There are plenty of amazing DIY projects you may make for Fido and Fluffy.

You can sew catnip mice for your kitty. You can either buy catnip or grow it yourself. Cut a couple of pieces of cloth into the same shape. (It does not have to be a mouse.) Put them together with the outsides facing inward. Sew them together. Leave a small opening. When you’re finished, use the opening you made to pull the cloth through so that the fabric is not inside out. Then, use a little funnel to fill it with catnip. Sew the top shut, and you’re done! Happy kitty!

For Fido, you can make a rope toy. Simply slice an old shirt or pillowcase into small strips. Braid these strips together. Then, braid the braids together. Continue until you reach the thickness you want, and then tie the ends into a knot. That’s the basic version. Tennis balls or dried sweet potato jerky slices can be added if you’re feeling extra inventive. Look online for ideas.

These are only a few instances. You’ll find a lot more possibilities online! You may create beds, box castles, and puzzle toys. Just make sure you stick to safe stuff. Ask your vet for more information on this.

Book An Appointment With Your Saginaw, MI Pet Hospital

Proper veterinarian care is vital! Make sure you stay on top of those veterinary appointments. If your companion hasn’t been to our Saginaw, MI veterinary clinic in a while, this is a reminder to make an appointment today!

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