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Fear Free for Sure. We’re proud to be the first Fear Free certified clinic in Saginaw, MI. So, your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Veterinary Assistant

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you enjoy something until it’s gone. That’s what happened to Marilyn, who worked as a kennel manager, then left the field to explore other jobs. After a while, she realized that she missed veterinary life and returned to it. Now she’s a veterinary assistant at Veterinary Health Center!

Marilyn fell in love with animals at a young age. As she got older, she became more and more fascinated by the lovable creatures and eventually realized that they’re much more than animals – people consider them their best friends. She fondly recalls the day she got her first pug, named Mikey, a day she calls “the best day of my life!”

In her free time, even while away from the office, Marilyn keeps engaged with animals. She enjoys going to the dog park and hikes with her beloved pug.


Kennel Manager

Kayla has always maintained a strong love for animals. Then one day, her neighbor introduced her to the wonderful world of veterinary health, and she’s been hooked ever since. As a kennel manager at Veterinary Health Center, she gets to spend time with and make a big difference in the lives of every animal she encounters!

There are so many different aspects of being at Veterinary Health Center that bring Kayla joy. She loves working in the kennel and making her furry guests’ stay enjoyable. Nothing makes her happier than staying late after work and playing with the dogs and cats.

Raised in Saginaw, MI, Kayla’s friendliness extends beyond just animals. She’s also interested in befriending people with special needs and making a difference in their lives.

Kayla currently has 2 cats, Kitty (who loves to snuggle) and Charlie, who she adopted from the center. In her free time, she enjoys art. Most of her artwork takes months to finish; her greatest accomplishment thus far has been a landscape drawing that took over a year to complete!


Front Desk Receptionist

Everyone dedicates their life to a different cause; some choose to be a part of helping animals and their owners. Ami decided that she wanted to be a part of that group, and as a front desk receptionist at Veterinary Health Center, she gets a chance to do precisely that!

When she was younger, Ami watched her childhood dog, Captain, fall ill. She experienced firsthand what it’s like to own a pet that needs veterinary assistance, and decided that she wanted to help other animal owners who were going through similar situations. After beginning her career as a lifeguard/swim instructor, she eventually settled into the veterinary world. Whether it’s getting to see so many cute puppies and kittens, or helping animals feel better, Ami loves her position at Veterinary Health Center!

A native of Saginaw, MI, Ami has 3 siblings. Her current pets are 2 cats named Jackson and Rocky; Jackson is the cuddler, while Rocky is the talkative one who wakes her up with loud meows. 

In her free time, Ami enjoys cheerleading and bowling, and loves spending summer days on hot Florida beaches.


Front Desk/Receptionist

Chris decided to enter the veterinary field because she wanted to make a positive difference in the lives people and their pets. She got the chance to do so a year into her career, when a client she had grown close with couldn’t be present to help their terminally ill pet cross the rainbow bridge. Chris stepped in to offer care and support in their absence – a gesture that brought great comfort to the grieving client.

A veteran of the industry, Chris started her journey 30 years ago, when she was hired as a kennel aid and worked her way up to an assistant role. Professionally, Chris particularly enjoys the personal aspect of veterinary care, something that has become even more important since COVID hit. Getting to know each client and their beloved fur baby, and calling them by name offers a much-needed personal touch.

Not surprisingly, Chris views her own pets as her children. She is currently fur-mom to four frisky felines named Owen, Karma, Nova and L.C. 

When she’s not busy working or cuddling with her kitties, Chris can usually be found nose-deep in a good book. She’s even contemplated writing a book of her own one day. In addition to reading and writing, Chris also enjoys drawing and gardening. There’s something very satisfying about growing your own stuff.


Veterinary Assistant

When Kara was a young child, growing up in Freeland Michigan, she remembers vividly being glued to the television every time Steve Irwin was on. He was so influential, in fact, that she decided she would one day follow in his footsteps and work with animals, just like him. Today, as a Veterinary Assistant, Kara is thrilled to be doing what she is passionate about – helping pets enjoy longer, happier, healthier lives!

Kara’s journey in the veterinary industry began at a different clinic, where she worked as a Kennel Aid. A year into the job, she was offered a position here at Veterinary Health Center, which she gladly accepted. She’s been a part of the VHC team for more than 10 years now, and our staff and clients couldn’t imagine it any other way. Clinically, Kara has a particular interest in blood draws.

At home, Kara has two dogs and two cats of her own, all of whom were rescued. In her spare time, she can usually be found spending time outside, camping, hunting or fishing. 


Digital Records Clerk

Kevin may not have a job working directly with animals, but that doesn’t stop him from sneaking in some snuggles and cuddles with the kitties while they await procedures. His love of felines has also inspired him to volunteer at several of our adoption events. Being able to assist in their journey to their “furever” homes is incredibly fulfilling. 

Kevin joined the Veterinary Health Center team in December of 2014. In his role as Digital Records Clerk, Kevin is responsible to making sure all of our patient files are kept secure and up-to-date. He has become an integral and well-loved part of the team over the years and we are lucky to have him!

Outside of the clinic, Kevin’s interests include cats (of course), computers, gaming and music. He also enjoys playing badminton and going bowling. At home, Kevin has one cat of his own – Tommy, a senior Tonkinese who loves to be carried stretched out on his back and cuddling up on Kevin’s pillow at night. 


Veterinary Assistant

Growing up, Amanda had a dog who suffered from seizures. The experience of caring for that precious fur baby made her realize just how much she wanted to one day work with animals as a career. As a Veterinary Assistant, Amanda appreciates the opportunity to help and support our clients and their companions.

Amanda joined the Veterinary Health Center as a volunteer in 2009. A year later, she was officially hired as a kennel worker and has since worked her way up the ranks. Professionally, she enjoys witnessing and nurturing the special bond between our patients and their loving owners.

At home, Amanda is mom to several pets of her own. Her fur family includes three dogs: Max, Kilo and Rocky; and seven cats: Wile-E, Tyrone, Edgar, Allen, Poe, Shadow, and last but not least, Bruce who taught himself to jump up on Amanda’s shoulders when she comes home.

Amanda’s hobbies include photography, music, bowling, and reading.


Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!


Kennel Manager

A native of Bay City, MI, Angie grew up an only child, so she formed a connection and companionship with animals at a young age. She yearned to find a job that would allow her to be around animals, care for them and learn more about them. She landed a position at Veterinary Health Center as a kennel manager and has been thrilled to be in the presence of a variety of animals!

Angie’s first job in the veterinary field was at a pet shop and after that, she spent years working for animal control. These positions gave her the valuable experience and knowledge to prepare her for her role dealing with animals at Veterinary Health Center. She loves the fact that her duties change on a daily basis, and enjoys being around her co-workers and clients.

When she’s not working at the health center, Angie enjoys spending time with her 3 children, infant granddaughter and her dog, Baleigh. She loves being outside in warm weather, whether it’s enjoying a trip to the beach or lake or going camping.



Jennifer has a knack for finding the good in almost any situation. Whether it’s bottle-feeding kittens and recognizing that it’s part of overcoming life’s challenges, or inhaling the sweet smell of puppy breath to remember the good on a day of sadness. Helping animals, building a bond and watching them grow can put a smile on Jennifer’s face, no matter the circumstances.

Having wanted to work with animals since a young child, Jennifer began volunteering at the Children’s Zoo as soon as she was old enough. She joined the Veterinary Health Center team in 1999 as a Kennel Manager and is now the face of the practice, smiling and spreading joy behind our front desk as one of our all-star receptionists! Her favorite part of the job is meeting new people and their animal friends.

Outside of work, Jennifer is married and has two children – a boy and a girl. They love playing sports, being outside or just spending quality time as a family. Jennifer’s other pastimes include attending sporting events, coaching her kids’ teams, traveling and meeting new friends.