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Catproofing Your Holidays

Are you ready for the holidays? Or are you just getting started with seasonal preparations

Thanksgiving Dog Safety

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away now. People are already making preparations (and shopping

Taking In A Stray

Are you considering adopting a stray cat? Perhaps Fluffy showed up on your porch, cold

DIY Cat Furniture

Is your feline pal perched on a piece of your furniture right now? It wouldn’t

Playing With An Older Dog

As your dog ages, he won’t be as energetic or frisky as he used to,

Caring For A Shy Cat

Do you have a timid furball on your hands? Fluffy can be quite bold and

Pet Memorial Month

September is Pet Memorial Month. Losing a beloved animal friend can be incredibly painful. In
dog with white fur smiling

Doggy Dental Issues

Have you noticed that your pup’s breath is, well, not exactly mint-fresh? This can be

Cute Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day With The Kids

August 8th is a special day for our feline companions: it’s International Cat Day! Kitties
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