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Caring For A Shy Cat
September 15, 2023

Do you have a timid furball on your hands? Fluffy can be quite bold and fearless, but that isn’t always the case. Some kitties are quite the little scaredy-cats! If you have a nervous feline for a pet, read on! A local Saginaw, MI vet offers some advice on caring for a shy cat in this article.

Don’t Force Attention On Your Cat

This is rule number one when it comes to interacting with Fluffy. Some cats want to be held and petted 24/7, while others just want to be left alone.

Why Are Some Cats Shy?

Kitties all have their own unique personalities. Some are just naturally nervous. Others? Not so much. One way to look at this is to realize that, in the wild, kitties are both predator and prey. Some cats seem to lean more towards the predator side, while others are more wary. Socialization also factors into this. Your feline pal may also be nervous if there is a new pet in town, or if she’s still settling in.

Offer Safe Spaces

Many cats love to go to small, secure spots to hide in. Offer Fluffy things like boxes, paper bags, and even kitty condos, as well as spots behind beds and couches. She may be more comfortable if she always has somewhere to retreat to when she feels scared.

Why Playing With Your Cat Is Important

It’s important for Fluffy to be able to unleash her inner lioness every now and then. Offer your shy furball lots of toys, and take time to play with her daily. This can help for a few reasons. For one, it will give your kitty a way to burn off any nervous energy she has. Nailing tricky pounces is also great for your kitty’s self-esteem.

How To Win Fluffy Over

It may take time for your cat to warm up to you. Fluffy may also never be that super cuddly lap kitty that wants to snuggle with you 24/7. That’s fine! The most important thing is not to force things. Talk to your pet, offer toys and treats, and just make sure she feels loved and safe. This is extra important if you’ve just adopted your furry friend.

Know When To Worry

If your cat used to be bold and friendly but has lately taken to hiding, there may be something wrong with her. Our feline pals often withdraw when they don’t feel well. Contact your vet if this is the case.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Saginaw, MI animal clinic, today.

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