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7 Ways To Make Your Rescue Dog Feel Safe
May 15, 2023

May 20th is a pretty special day for us: it’s Rescue Dog Day! We believe that all animals deserve to be happy and healthy, and we love seeing rescued pups getting second chances. Fido is very resilient, and can bounce back from many situations. However, if your new furry buddy has been through abuse or trauma, he may (understandably) be a bit timid at first. Read on as a Saginaw, MI vet offers some advice on helping your rescue dog feel safe.


Many dogs thrive when they are kept on a steady schedule. Try to walk, feed, and play with your furry friend at roughly the same times every day.

Pawsitive Reinforcement

Fido is a Very Good Boy, but he isn’t perfect. If your canine companion does something naughty, don’t punish him for his mishaps. Dogs don’t really understand the concept of punishment. This may just make your pooch feel scared or confused. Verbal reprimands are fine, but aside from that, just focus on rewarding good behavior.


Normally, we would advise against spoiling Fido with too many snacks. However, treats really can go a long way towards helping your furry pal feel happy, comfortable, and loved. Use smaller snacks, so you don’t end up overfeeding your pooch.


This one isn’t going to be a universal recommendation. If Fido spent too much time kenneled, or was kenneled as punishment in the past, he may be frightened of them. That said, your canine buddy may appreciate having a safe, comfy place to retreat to.


Did you know that training can help nervous dogs feel more confidence? Training helps facilitate better communication between you and your canine friend. Getting praised and rewarded for learning something new is also a great way to improve Fido’s self-esteem.

Good Intentions

Always speak to and handle your four-legged friend with a gentle, friendly demeanor. If you’ve renamed your four-legged friend, only use his new moniker in a positive manner. Don’t call Fido by name as you’re reproving him for digging or chewing inappropriately.


Small things like toys, walks in the park, and regular play sessions can all help your canine companion feel happy and safe. Spend time with Fido every day!

As your local Saginaw, MI pet hospital, we are dedicated to providing great veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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