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Things Cats Can’t Be Bothered To Be Grateful For
November 15, 2022
Thanksgiving is coming up fast! The autumn holiday is a wonderful reminder of the importance of gratitude. It’s also a good time to reflect about the things we have to be grateful for. However, some of our feline friends could stand to be a bit more appreciative. A Saginaw, MI veterinarian lists some things Fluffy just isn’t very grateful for below.

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Getting Fluffy fixed is of course crucial for helping combat animal overpopulation. It will also protect her from several health issues, such as certain cancers, and curb many behavioral issues. However, it’s probably safe to say that our feline patients would (literally) scratch this procedure right off the agenda if they could.


Have you ever heard a lonely kitty singing? Fluffy’s yowling might actually be attractive to other amorous furballs, but it’s not exactly pleasant for us to listen to. In fact, we’re pretty sure that cats routinely try to invent new notes that really shouldn’t exist.

The Internet

Computers have drastically changed our world in just a few short decades. Cats have become the darlings of the internet, and have managed to take over a pretty sizable chunk of the worldwide web. However, Fluffy isn’t very thankful for the devices that have made her a star. She usually just sleeps on them.

Elizabethan Collars

It’s common to put an Elizabethan or inflatable collar on kitties that are recovering from wounds or surgical procedures, so they don’t pick at their stitches. This is definitely in Fluffy’s best interest. Suffice it to say, she doesn’t exactly see it that way.


Our furry friends are both healthier and more comfortable with proper veterinary care. Fluffy certainly enjoys being protected from parasites and disease. However, she’s not exactly overwhelmed with gratitude for her appointments. (The car ride over isn’t on her list of things to be grateful for, either.)

Your Job

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has wrought some permanent changes in our world. The shift to working remotely may be one of the biggest. While Fluffy does enjoy having her humans around more, she isn’t particularly impressed with the technology that allows that. Our feline overlords have crashed quite a few Zoom meetings over the past few years! Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your Saginaw, MI animal clinic!

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