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Keeping Fido Hydrated
July 15, 2023

Summer is here! Many of our canine patients love the warm weather. However, as we approach the Dog Days of the year, you’ll need to make sure Fido isn’t getting too hot. Keeping your pooch properly hydrated is crucial here. A Saginaw, MI vet offers some advice on that in this article.

Water Bowls

Keep Fido’s water bowl clean and full. You may need to set out extra bowls at this time of year. If your furry friend has a yard to play in, he’ll need a water station outdoors as well. Stay on top of cleaning and refreshing those bowls, particularly outdoor ones, as they can collect bugs and dust quickly.


Many pets prefer drinking running water. This is an instinctive behavior, likely stemming from the fact that in the wild, running water is less likely to be contaminated. Consider getting Fido a doggy fountain. There are a few options for these. Some are just drinking fountains, which you could keep in the house. Others also add an element of fun for Fido: they may spray water into the air for him to play in. That can  both entertain him and keep him hydrated!


Think about moisture content when offering your pooch snacks. Fido may enjoy sodium-free broth, either chilled in a bowl or frozen into cubes. You can also make some homemade goodies for your canine pal. For instance, put kibble, bits of treats, bacon bits, or shredded meat in a freezer mold, and pour sodium-free broth or water over it. The ‘pawsibilities’ are endless! Just stick with pet-safe foods.

Portable Water

Always bring water along when you take Fido somewhere. Consider getting a small cooler for your car, and keeping water in that at all times. (This is a good safety precaution for you as well, in case of breakdowns or traffic jams.) For convenience, get collapsible plastic dishes, or a water bottle with an attached dispenser.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are very popular with our canine companions. No wonder Fido loves them: they can be filled with all sorts of goodies. In summer, your pup may like a frozen chew. Opt for high-moisture treats here, too. Doggy ice cream is a good option. You can also freeze water with shredded meat, or combine broth and canned dog food.

As your Saginaw, MI pet hospital, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime! 

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